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Dead Tree Dreams

"My War" by Andy Rooney

"My War" by Andy Rooney

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How does one explain Andy Rooney? "A member of my dad's generation"? "A WWII vet"? "One of the funniest men in journalism"? All of these come to mind. But there is more. There was always a wisdom in the wisecracks. Something that let you know that Andy Rooney got it, whatever "it" was at the time. This is the story of Andy Rooney learning to be both a soldier and a journalist at the same time. From flying the second raid over Germany with the 8th Airforce to being there when the concentration camps were liberated, Andy Rooney saw the war the way only a soldier Journalist could have. And it changed him in a fundamental way. Once again, I can't sell you Andy Rooney. I'll let Andy do that for himself.
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