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Rebecca Fountain
3 weeks ago

I was able to go to the store on the second day it was open. Wendy is very sweet. Was able to find some science fiction books to read. My biggest issue was taking books up the back entrance in a couple of boxes to trade for others. Not a lot of parking spots in the back, but they do have a couple up front. It will make a great home town bookstore.

Megan McQuage
2 weeks ago

The people there are great! Big selection of used books and some new ones. A special display for local authors which was very cool. Nice sitting area where you can start your new book with some free coffee in a very comfy chair. I went with my 3 year old and 8 month old. In the kid book section there were some toys and puzzles to keep them busy. My 17 year old and I shopped in shifts so one could stay with the little ones. A wonderful time was had by all and we left with some great finds, including a local author's book "Of Stormlarks and Silence" which I highly recommend! And I was able to purchase a signed copy here for the same price as a not signed one on Amazon. They also have some other local items such as art, jewelry and soap. Side note, the restroom was very clean and large with a baby changing station! This is officially our family bookstore!!!

Tram Younger
a month ago

I absolutely love visiting Dead Tree Dreams as does my toddler! Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind as well as personable which is hard to find nowadays! Being able to sip on some FREE coffee/tea/cocoa while browsing the bookshelves is so relaxing especially on a cold day. My toddler loves the children's book section which also has some toys for them to play with if they no longer feel like browsing books! The newest staff member, Atticus the store cat, is a pleasure to see and he is also friendly even with little one! The buy process is very transparent and easy to do. The selection is always changing and I always find something to bring home! The t-shirts and posters are nifty too!

Pam Galloway
a month ago

Do NOT miss out on the delightfully calm and gentle atmosphere of Book Store. Clean, fresh, neatly and intelligently organized, well stocked with a plethora of options for good reads....gracious coffee. Great pricing and tantalizing specials in the Clearance aisle. Take your kids of grandchildren to explore the Children's section. Say "Hi" to Atticus. Hope you find the Hedgehog!

James Sustaire
3 weeks ago

This isn't a store, it's an experience. The owners, and their manager Atticus are absolutely delightful. If you love books, this is your new paradise. My daughter was insistent that we visit. I had a blast visiting their world, and I will never forget that visit or the joy I saw in my daughters face.

in the last week

This is the used bookstore that Nac has needed. It’s not just a bookstore either. Shop the unique selections of local artisans and support small business. Everything is organized well in an altogether welcoming and cozy atmosphere. The owners are very kind and happy to help with any inquiries as well. Don’t forget to tell Atticus, the friendly shop kitty, hello!


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