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A Hanging in Nacogdoches, by Gary B Borders

A Hanging in Nacogdoches, by Gary B Borders

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Gary B. Borders has been in the Newspaper business in Texas for more than 50 years. He has been publisher of the Longview Daily News, The Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel, and the Lufkin Daily News. This book, A Hanging in Nacogdoches, is an examination of the city at the turn of the century in light of the hanging of James Buchanan, a man tried and hung for the murders of three members of the Hicks family. In telling the story of a single lynching, Borders dramatically illustrates the way politics and race combined to bring horrific violence to small southern towns like Nacogdoches. Another one of our Nacogdoches local interest pieces. It can be purchased for 10.99 by itself or with the companion volume, The Loblolly Chronicles, another of Borders books, also $10.99.

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